Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It feels like one of those days. Those really lazy days. I haven't been to work in four days and it's my last day to kick back for the weekend. I guess I earned it somehow. Plus tomorrow I go on leave. I guess I am just trying to put off packing right now. I have to wash my clothes and clean my room before I leave. That's just depressing. I hate cleaning. I guess I won't be a good house keeper, but meh, whatever.

A day and a half and I get to see Mike. I can't wait. It's been almost three months since I have seen him. I just don't want the days to go by so fast. I want to spend them slowly. But I will take what I get.

Some more happy news too. First I found an apartment that I am moving into when I get back from leave. It's a two bedroom two bathroom apartment right here on the island. It's about a half hour drive to work because it's not in Coronado, but on Silver Strand. It's a nice little apartment. I just have to worry about furnishing it now. Oh and coming up with the first months rent because my LPO hasn't ran my BAH yet.

The second thing is that I made third. Only 55 airmen made it, and I was one of them in my rate. I am so happy. At least I can get out of the navy as an E4. Even though most people could care less on the outside world.

Three more months and junior will be here. I am kind of scared for giving birth, but at least I will be nice and high when I do it. :D I want to hold him, see his little face and kiss him all over. I want to meet the little turd that wakes me up at night kicking and rolling.