Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Little Lady

I know I haven't updated this in awhile. But, here I am now. So sit down, grab a cup of joe, and have fun reading this!

A couple of weeks ago, my husband surprised me. He got me a boxer! I think he felt bad that I had to give up my dog when we moved here. The reason, because she is a special needs dog, and I couldn't care for her anymore. That and I couldn't take her with me to Oklahoma.

Anyways, how it all came about is simple. My mother in law and I took my niece's to their cousin's house for the night. She showed us the boxer puppy she still had left.

The puppy took to me instantly. She climbed in my lap, and stayed there for awhile. Every time someone called out to her, she would go running up, lick them in the face, and come running back to me. It's like she was saying this is my person.

I told my mother in law I wanted her so much. She is beautiful, and goofy. Not to mention the cousin's boxers were good with the three year old sitting there. That told me that the puppy will be good around Donnie.

When we came home, I tried telling Mike that I wanted her. He just nodded, and ignored me. I thought he didn't want me to get it. So I kind of got a little sad. For about two months he has been telling me no about getting another dog. I thought he would say the same thing.

I gave up pushing him about the puppy. When we were at the job fair, I knew it was the best time to ask afterward. He was in a good mood, and I knew he would at least listen to what I said.

He didn't say anything when I described her. He just climbed into our car, and talked about his former bosses before joining the Navy. When we got home, we lit a cigarette and half way through we smoked in silence.

Then my husband turned to me, and he just looked at me for a moment. What he said next made me astonshed. He told me that this dog will be mine, so I can choose what dog I wanted, but I better be really attached to her because he wasn't getting me another dog. I think he was done replacing dogs for me. Anyways, he told me that he will withhold the final decision after he saw her.

A couple of nights later, all of us went to Tammy's house again. With Donnie too. Tammy let the puppy back in the house. (She knew what was going on.) When he saw how attached she was to me, he gave the money to Tammy.

So now I have a boxer puppy! The only stigma is that we have to wait until we move to Tulsa to be able to bring her home. Gary doesn't want another dog here. He's been good about our pit staying in the house, and we don't want to push it.

But Friday we move to the house, and Saturday my mother in law and I are going to pick Lady up. I can't wait! It seems like things are looking up again.

Not just the dog, but Mike starts work in July, and I take the entrance exam for the nursing school on the 19th of July. If I get in, in one year I will be an LPN, and after that, I will go to school again to be an RN.

So for everyone who thinks that they can't make it in the civilian world, you don't know what you are saying. All you have to do is just try, and not be scared. If you let your fear over come you, you can't succeed.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sewing Maniac

He's a maniac, maniac, do do do do!

Lol, I think I spelled that wrong. But anyways, I am a little maniac over quilting right now. My mother in law took me to hobby lobby, where we got a whole bunch of fabric for a quilt I want to make me and my husband. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.

The only question is, why doesn't people just make their own quilts, instead of paying a fortune in buying them? It took less than a hundred dollars to buy the fabric. Which means what I am making is actually costs less than spending sometimes over a thousand dollars for hand made quilts. I think that people need to learn and know the basics of sewing.

Anways, I was getting side tracked a little. But you know what? Who cares? It's not your blog, so there. I got all the little pieces cut out for my quilt, so last night I started sewing on the sewing machine. When my mother was alive, she taught me how to quilt by hand.

So this is a little different. I sewed once on a sewing machine, and it was a quilt I made for an ex of mine. So thinking back on it, I really don't give two shits if it came out shitty or not.

I was nervous starting up the machine. I mean, I had my mother in law guiding me through all the steps, but I couldn't help but feel the sweat start trickling down my back. It actually might have been from the heat. The sewing room gets hardly any air from the air conditioner.

After a couple of tries, I actually started to get the hang of it. I was up until three in the morning, sewing on my quilt. I kind of want to go back to it, but my mother in law is gone to an appointment, and I don't want to mess up royally without her help. Maybe one day I will feel comfortable enough to do it on my own, but not today!

Oh and I'll post a final blog when it's all done and finished with a picture of the finished product for you, the readers, to look at!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thank You

I wish that I could explain to you what I feel right now. I wish I can tell you how alone I feel right now. But what's the point? I just learned how truly alone people can get. How truly alone I am. Sorry if I am not all perfect. Sorry if I loose my temper. Sorry if I don't win the best wife award. But how dare you talk shit about me? Do you know even what I went through? What our fights have been? No? Then butt out. I won't even apologize to you if you are reading this.

Do I get in your business? Do I sit there and talk shit about you? You tell me things too, but I don't ever pass judgement on you. I guess I learned how truly alone I really am. I guess Mike is right, you all just kissed my ass to get me here, and now that you have what you want, fuck me right? You don't know where I am coming from.

We're married. Guess what married couples do? FIGHT. Specially when there's stressful stuff happening, like say, moving almost across country. We are getting over it, and used to it, why do you got to act like I'm a bitch? Why don't you just open your eyes and look? And is it any of your business anyways? No? Then but the fuck out. You don't like me, fine, but don't get into my personal business and pass judgement.

There were things said between the both of us over the year that was hurtful. But we are working on it. It would be different if we weren't. But again, it's none of your business what was said, and when.

I just want to say thank you for making me feel so alone in a different state. I guess you are just like my family, I just bought your shit hook line and sinker. Fuck you.