Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seven months

I hit my seven month marker about a couple of days ago. That means I only have two months until lil Donny's here. I am torn between I can't wait and I can wait. I want him out of me. But on the other hand I am terrified of giving birth. I guess it's just something every first time mom goes through.

He's getting big too. And he's getting stronger. He can't kick as much as he used too. Thank you for that one. It was almost painful when he went full blast on my poor uterus. I don't think my stomach will be the same after I give birth.

So I got married in December. I would have blogged about it earlier, but first I wanted to spend as much time with Mike as I could get, and second, I just got internet today. Yay for that. Now I can sit on my ever fattening ass and watch T.V. while surfing the net... any couch potato would love. :D

I miss Mike though. It's so quite here. Even with the TV on. I wish he was here, to cuddle with. To at least curl up in the morning when it gets cold. But one day soon I get too.

God I forgot how much I miss That 70's show. Fez is so awesome. He reminds me of my friends T.C. Hehe.

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