Sunday, October 25, 2009

Going home

So last night I took a drive up North back to my home. I felt like it was high time to get the hell out of San Diego for a little while. Haven't been back home in two weeks. That's one of the beautiful things about being stationed in California and having a car. I can just go home on the weekends. Albeit it's a long drive, but that's okay. I love driving home. Home gives me a sense of piece and I can go on the next week.

Last night I had flash backs like crazy to older days. I had the window rolled down right outside of town and that not yet winter smell brought me back to the days that I was a child and living in the outskirts of Sanger. Then I went through some old photographs on this computer and I found some pictures of me, Nancy, and Ann back in the day. I looked horrible, just wanted to point. Some of those hairstyles, ugh. But it still made me miss this place even more. Can't wait to get out of the Navy. Even though every thing has changed, I want to be able to come home. I miss my old days. Here are some pictures of us back then...




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