Friday, November 20, 2009

Cold days and Car Troubles

I am so irratated right now. My car has starting problems. What's worse is that google doesn't actually have the manual so I can look up the troubleshooting part. And what's even worse is that I have duty tomorrow. I should have let the mechanic take a look underneath the hood when I got my tire replaced. But pride took over reasoning. I mean, IM A MECHANIC, but not of the gas type. Still, sometimes I have to hang my head on this one. My thought, it's something to do with either the fuel line or the carburator. But without the manual, I have NO IDEA if I am right. If it was a deisel engine, I might be able to tell what the problem is.

Other than that, life is good. Can't complain. Other than my damned piece of shit car. But what can you do? Other than light it on fire and toast marshmellows off of it. That might make me happy, and warm and the marshmellow would be nice and gooy on the inside.

About a week ago I found out that I am having a boy. He is one pound already. What a fat little baby. :D I wanted a girl, but I am happy with what I got.

Three more weeks and I will get to see Mike again. I am so happy about that! I can't wait. It seems like forever since I got to see him.

The baby is kicking so hard now. I can feel it even if I am sitting down. Not so much standing, but I am sure that that will come later on. I just can't wait to see my baby face to face.

And man what can I say about my emotions, other than it's a roller coster? It seems like I am happy one minute and pissed the other. Almost bi-polar. And I get a funny feeling everytime I think of Mike and the baby. Not quite pissed, but moody for sure. I can't even handle myself.

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