Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Days Left!

Three days left until the nursing school starts. I am so nervous, and excited! I still can't believe that I got into the school. There was only so many spots open, and I could have sworn I would not have made it. I even told my admissions rep to start the paper work for medical assisting school if I didn't get in.

Also I found out that I am getting a nice bit of change from my last college. It's a refund. Didn't even know I was getting it, or that they tried to mail it to me. I moved from California, so it was returned to them. It's cool though, my son will get a nice little Christmas, and I will get new glasses. I need them, the ones I have are broken.

I have to say goodbye to taking naps in the morning when my son goes down. I will have to use that time to do my homework. Hopefully, this school will be more of a challenge for me than the last school. Something about being an online school, it is not challenging. I love a good challenge. That way I can overcome it, and be a better person for it.

I guess I am weird that way. Most people might want the easy way out. Me though, I want to be challenged.

My son now knows how to say I love Dadda, amongst other things. It's is so cool to watch my child grow up from a baby to a full blown toddler. I only hope the best for him in life. And I want to give him the best in life. That is why I am going to be a nurse. The money is good, and my son won't need to want for anything. That, and that's one of the only things left for jobs. Hospitals needs nurses. They are practically begging for them.

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