Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day and Driving

This was the first Thanksgiving back in the states and it was fun. I ended up going to Maria's, Guierez's, house for Thanksgiving in L.A. At first I felt like a third wheel because the only person I knew was her and ALL of her family was there. But they welcomed me in and gave me a place to sleep. Which was comfortable.

And what made me happy is that I made a new friend. We have plans to go get pictures taken after I have my little junior. And last night we were talking crazy about trying out for Playboy bunnies. But really, I don't see Mike minding if I actually became a bunny. And what is the worst they are going to say? No? Wow, hear a lot of that anyways.

So now all I am waiting for is for the exam results to come out and my week will be complete. Tomorrow I am going to go see my sister. But from L.A. it's going to be a long drive. But I will manage. I have to stop tomorrow to get some cash but it's worth it.

I'm kind of bummed because I have been a bitch to Mike lately and I never meant to hurt him. And now he's not calling me and I want to hear his voice, and not just that, I want to talk to him. I'm really sad. Yes we will see each other in December, but what for ten days? It gets me sad because I know that those days are going to fly by and I will come back to California by myself.

But what's awesome is that when I get back from leave, they will put me in military housing. So I will have a place of my own! I can cook my own meals and watch T.V. in my underwear with out worrying about who would see me. :D Okay maybe not in my underwear because I have a belly now, but you get the idea.

And then it's only three more months and the baby will be here. I have been freaking out about the thought about giving birth. I don't want to. But at least I can hold my little squirt and kiss him and watch as he smiles at me and giggles and all that good stuff. Plus Mike will be here then too and I get to be held by him at night as I sleep.

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