Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bundle of Joy

March 26 2010 was the day that I became a mommy! I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who weighed 7 pounds and 3.8 ounces and is 21 inches long.

The 24 of March my husband came home on leave from Japan (finally.) We only had a day to be together before I ended up in the hospital. And it wasn't much because he just came off of a transcontinental flight and he slept most of the day when we came home.

That night I took my mother-in-law to Wal-Mart. My feet hurt so bad and I was tired. Plus my back started hurting. But I didn't think anything about it. I was nine months pregnant and my back hurt anyways. That reminds me, when Mike and I came home from the airport, I had to run out of my car because my back was killing my from sitting for too long. Little did I know that those two incidents were the triggers of my labor.

Chief gave me the next day off, I just had to call in to muster with him. Which was pretty cool because even though it is the same division, I work for Senior Chief, not Chief. But I wasn't going to point that out to him. He's pretty cool anyways. I remember every time I would open something up to eat it, he would come by and claim I ate to much. Really? 0.o

So I called in to muster and two hours later we were on our way to the hospital. My contractions actually started that night around one or so, I just didn't know it at the time. When we got there, I was only three centimeters dilated, so they made me walk around the hospital in total of four hours.

I was so nervous when it came time to push. Which was right around midnight or so. It took 26 minutes and Donald Ian Lawson made his entrance into the world.

But now I am alone again. I wish that I could go back in time. I would relive that night only because I would be with my husband again. I actually liked having company over. I even liked having my mother in law over. And she was kind of pissing me off before she visited. I cried a little when she left. Of course I couldn't cry in front of her because she's more emotional than me and I didn't want her to get all bummed.

I remember at the hospital they made us watch a shaking baby video. I can't believe that people can hurt their babies. Every time I look at my baby I get really sad. I can't even get mad at him. How can you kill your child? Or even hurt them a little bit? Espiscally when your child is an infant?

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