Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homework and Monkey Men!

So, like many of my readers know, I started my college Monday. I was worried because I bombed one of the discussions. (It's online.) I tried making up for it by doing all the Individual Assignments for the week. I'm about half way there. I was so worried that I made mistakes in both my papers, that my poor husband had to hear it every time he walked through the door.

Today I got on line to see if my teacher emailed me back about a question I had last night. Well, it turns out she loved my papers! She gave me an A plus on both of them! I know that with every paper I turn in, I will worry about it though.

Anyways, this month my baby turns a year old. Can't really be calling him a baby any more. Even though for me he will always be my baby. Last weekend my husband and I went to the mall in Visalia. We stopped at the Build A Bear workshop. Donnie picked out his bear, or should I say monkey. I literally had to fight him to get the un-stuffed monkey out of his hands to show my husband so we can get it. Then, once we got to the register, he started crying because we had to take it away for the second time. Can you tell he's attached to it? We named it Papa after his grandpa on my husband's side. The reason? Because we clothed the monkey in country gear. Yup, the shit kickers and the cowboy hat. Anyways, Donnie takes that monkey every where with him. 

I told my husband that my monkey man has a monkey now in a joking kind of way. Man, I didn't realize my child would live up to his name. As I was sitting on the couch, looking at my grades, my child starts laughing hysterically. At first I just smiled because he finally found something to entertain himself without my help. Something started tickling the back of my neck though. Something wasn't right. So I looked to where Donnie was laughing, and sure as shit my child was perched up on the back of the couch, hitting the side of the bookshelf.

I grabbed him faster than Superman could put his tightie whities on. My heart was going a million beats a second. So many possible scenarios that could have happened popped through my mind. I tell you, this child is going to give me one massive heart attack one day.

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  1. It's his job to give you a heart attack. Apparently, he's very good at his job.