Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Monday, the 28th of Feburary is my mother's birthday. Well, not exactly that day. She was born on leap year. There's only two times in the year that gets me sad. This will be one of those days.

I really wish she was alive so I can go celebrate her birthday with her. But life is cruel and no one gets out of it unscathed. Well anyways, all I'm trying to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom! I hope in heaven you get a big cake with a lot of candles!

There's a song by Steve Werner called Holes in The Floor of Heaven. When I had a tennis game in high school I thought of this song, thinking that there were holes up there and she was watching. Or when I got married, she was up there, watching her little girl's wedding. And when I gave birth she was up there, crying for joy because I gave her a beautiful grandson.

How I wish that she were here to see how much her kids have grown up. We have families of our own, we accomplished a lot in our lives. All I want her to see is that her kids have the lives that she couldn't possibly dream of. In the good way of course.

I love you mom. Happy birthday to you!

Here's that song.


  1. I feel your pain. My mom's birthday was 2/23 and I miss her so much.

    I've always wondered on what day leap year babies celebrate when it's not a leap year.

  2. My mom always celebrated her birthday on the 28th if that year was not a leap year.