Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Thought

I got an idea. What if we all could just draw while we type? That would be awesome. I'd be all over that and I would be drawing what I could be seeing through my peripherals.
My husbands dog is twitching like a seizure patient in her sleep. It's so funny to watch. It would be more hilarious if it was my husband doing that in his sleep. I'd be taping him at night, and selling that online. God, wouldn't it be creepy if you'd woke up with someone towering over you with some digital device? I would freak out, and kick that person in the balls, while I was screaming. Initial reaction. Don't fuck with me, I'm a ninja. Fuck yeah.

Now I'm thinking about my old home in the trailer park. Cat, my oldest friend, was right when she said all of us out there were white trash. Who do you know that would walk around outside without their shoes? Even if it was the summer time? Ew? My mom did that. With her holey, ripped up pants, her hair looking all greasy, cigarette in one hand.

God how sad must you have to be to at rock bottom, like that? Wow, I promise that my life will never turn out like that, on the Bible.

Have you ever had a thought that sounded good to you until it is typed out, and it doesn't sound good, or you all the sudden can't remember proper spelling? It's like how I feel right now. Then I can't remember what I was going to say. Oh well. What was I talking about?

Why am I still here in this shitty town, in this shitty place, in this shitty state? I left this place four and a half years ago and I am still here. Something's not adding up. I can't wait until I can go to Oklahoma. I really don't want to think about this state again.

California is so brown and ugly compared to other states. It just screams, so,just because we have Hollywood, doesn't mean shit! It's just a visage of what we REALLY got. Which is trashy people! I want out! 

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