Friday, April 8, 2011

Shutdown= Fogret your paychecks!

I know most of you guys already know what's going on. I hope everyone of you knows. But I'll simplify for you. Today the government decided it's a great day for a shut down. Today 800,000 federal employees will be furloughed and not be paid.

Today, my husband along with every other person in the military  got paid up to today. Meaning half their paychecks and told that they might not get paid next month. Today, the military got royally screwed. While Congress and all of them sit back still getting paid, we will have no money to feed our one year old. Let alone pay our bills.

Now rightfully if a service member doesn't get paid, they can walk away from their obligations hands down. It's a breach in contract. But you know what our great president did? He is making them still come into work. Oh and the three wars we are in? Yeah, we are still going to be in them too.

If it gets really bad, and we don't get paid next month, I am taking my child to Oklahoma, where I know he will be fed. My question is this, what will happen to families that don't have anywhere to turn? What are they going to do? You can guarantee that they will still have to pay their bills. So congratulations Congress, you just made a lot of people homeless, and hungry. Over what? The fact that you guys can't decide on a budget plan?

Oh, but let's not forget everyone else that works for the government that won't get paid either. Way to go. You think that people want to work for free? Especially if the government that has done this doesn't get to hurt along with everyone else?

No, fuck that. They should really think about who they are hurting. You trained the military to kill, you bastards. And now you cut those killer's paychecks and possibly stopped it? Oh you just opened up a can of worms that I think you won't know what to do with!

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  1. The Baltimore City Police Department did something similar. It didn't shut down completely, but it did furlough some work days and still made the officers come in to work. That just seems illegal to me.