Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sometimes I feel so old. I know what you are thinking, but you are only in your twenties. Yeah, but get this. How many people do you know was in the military? That takes years off your life I swear. Then after the military, how many people do you know has a child, and then goes back to college? While every one else you know has gone through college while you were doing your thing. Yeah, so I may not be the oldest person going back, that is reserved for the people that makes a career out of getting degrees. That to me is senseless.

Anyways, thats what's going through my mind. That I have led two lives. One was where I grew up in a fast hurry, seeing the world, and taking on the safety of your country. The other, trying to catch up to where every one is at. Most people who look at me without knowing me, would only guess that I am starting out in life, not that I am in the middle of my life. Well, hypothetically anyways.

Also, I thought that the worst drivers were in California. Hah! I was wrong! Just today, I almost got in two wrecks while driving back from dropping Mike off at work. The first was a truck that tried turning left while I was going through the intersection. There's a little sign that says yield to oncoming traffic when you are turning left, not oncoming traffic should yield to you. Hmm, that shouldn't be hard to decipher.

Anyways, I had three options. One, to keep barrling through, and end up hitting the idiot, to slam on the brakes and grit my teeth, hoping not to hit the idiot, or to punch the gas, slam the car into a lower gear, and take off. Being a speed freak sometimes, and knowing my car is fast, what option do you think I took? I slammed my car into a lower gear, and punched it. As I was speeding past the idiot, I honked my horn and flipped him off. You know what he did? He honked back! WTF?

The second near collision came when I was getting onto the free way. Okay, so I realize that the on ramps are only like ten feet. Not enough to actually be able to speed up safely before getting onto the freeway. What's worse that most of them has a speed limit of 35 when the free way is between 60 to 65, depending on what free way you get onto. I quickly looked to my left to see if there was any oncoming traffic in the slow lane. There was a diesel truck a little ways back, enough for me to get on. Well, the retard decided to see how fast he can go while I was merging. I had to slow down, and get over onto the right as this long as truck past me. I swear, what the fuck is wrong with the drivers? Does everyone want to try and get a new paint job/body repair? Or is everyone addicted to pain killers and decided that they wanted to get them by getting into a wreck? I swear, if someone hits me, I am going to jump out of the car and complain about neck and back pain, just to screw with them. That and I am going to beat the shit out of the person that hit me. I have my child in the back seat, I don't need him going to the hospital just because people can't pay attention while they are driving.

The only time I saw where everyone was cautious on the road was yesterday. That was because it was raining so hard that you couldn't see two feet in front of you. After the storm passed though, it was like everyone remembered they got their driver's license out of a cracker jack box.

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