Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bitch Has A Temper

I know that women should be a little bit of a bitch to succeed any where in life. But it's one thing to be bitchy and be a bitch. The past couple of days is proof of my theory.

So I have a neighbor friend. Every one in the world comes over, it seems. Lately though, she has been having someone she just met staying with her. I really don't care who comes over at her house. Let's face it, it doesn't effect me.

Until recently that is. This bitch has an attitude. Last weekend I went to chill with my neighbor and another friend. I was just minding my own buisness, having a good time. This bitch tells me to leave while standing behind my back. Like if she was scared of me right? Well, I turned around and slammed her. I told her that it wasn't her apartment, and if my neighbor, let's call her K, wanted me to leave, that's when I'll leave. She got pissed off and stormed off. I didn't think anything of it.

The other day, I went over there to smoke a cig with K. The bitch was there. They were watching Marmaduke. Which I have to say is a pretty cute movie. Anyways, she tried claiming that Great Danes only live for five years. I politely corrected her. Then she just wigged out on me and coped an attitude. I couldn't help myself. I am either the nicest person in the world, or the biggest bitch, depending on the other person's attitude. If you deserve my bitchiness, you will get it.

So persued a short arguement, where I made her look like an idiot. It almost got out of hand. I had to leave K's apartment out of respect for her. But I wanted her to eat my fist. That's how close it came.

Then last night, I saw a bunch of K's friends sitting on the steps outside. I joined them smoking. I guess this bitch decided that no one is going to come into the apartment, and locked everyone out. Then she called K and told her everyone outside is talking shit about her. I'll call one of the guys C. C went to the door and started yelling at her to let him in. His girlfriend's little girl was in there, and his pregnant girlfriend was outside. There was no way he was going to let her keep them outside.

This bitch opened the door, spit at him, and then slammed the door as fast as she could. All I could do was stare in shock. Who the fuck is this woman to tell K's friends if they can come in or not? If I was C, I would have busted the door down, and taught that little girl some respect. Oh just to let you know, K was gone all night.

I think the drama lama has struck...

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  1. If I were K, I'd watch my back. It seems like "the bitch" is trying to use her and resents the fact that all of K's friends are around to stop it. I don't know...I just get a bad feeling about this situation.