Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Weeks Left

We got two weeks left until we have to move out of the apartment. Then after that, we have another couple of days left in California. My husband is flying out to Oklahoma, and I am driving out with my sister in law. There's a part of me that is excited about going. It's just going to me, my sister in law, and the open road. She hasn't been this far west, and she's excited about going too.

Another part of me is depressed that my son and husband is leaving me for three days. This will be the first time that I will be away from my baby for that long. I hope that he won't get too anxious about me going. I know that I am. Maybe I can cover the anxiety for the both of us.

The good thing is, is that my husband will have three days all to him and our son. My husband is hoping that they can become closer during those days. He never really spent a long time alone with our son, and it shows. It took awhile for my son to even be happy about his daddy playing with him. I think because he's always working, and our son isn't used Daddy being around all that much.

Thinking about it though, I can't believe that a year has already came and went. I remember barely moving from San Diego to here, and thinking not this crap hole again. You see, I'm allowed to say it because I come from around here. I never had any intention of coming back again. Except maybe to visit family and that's it.

I am excited about finally starting our lives outside the military. We have been discussing, and making plans about this. Finally, I do not have to worry about my husband when he's at work. It's dangerous work that he does, and I can't help but worry.

Then again, my husband is always calling me a worry wart. That's my specialty I guess. To worry about anything and everything. I can't help it. Too much crap happened in my life to not worry.

I hope that my in laws aren't getting mad or tired of me calling all the time. I have nothing to do, and almost no one to talk too when my husband is gone. So what do I do? I call them. I know my mother in law is thrilled that I call her all the time. She's becoming like a mom to me, I guess.

Mike and I are finally finding each other again. There for a little while everything was kind of rocky. We were fighting more often than not. It was really bad. But now, we are trying to argue, and spend more time with each other. I mean, we are always around each other. It's different though. Being around someone, and spending time with the same person isn't the same.

My aunt told me that the first year of marriage is always the hardest. You never really know how the other person acts behind closed doors, until you start to live with them. And after the first year, things will get better. And they have.

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