Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All to Myself Again

Mike started work yesterday. So now I am left with Donnie and the dogs for the majority of the day. Just a couple of months ago, I hated it. I hated being by myself with a routine that never changed.

It was get up, take Mike to work, come back, put Donnie down for a couple of hours, hopefully, go back to sleep, get up, fix Donnie something to eat, clean house, or not, go pick Mike up.

Now, I can't see why I hated it. Mike and I never had a break from each other in over two months. Where one was, the other was bound to be. Unless I went to my sister-in-law's house.

I can breathe better without someone constantly hanging around me. (Donnie doesn't count.) Plus, I have alone time. When Donnie is sleeping, I can read in peace, or go online and BS, without my husband inturrupting me. I can also clean the house without him being here to help mess it up.

Okay, truth time, I didn't clean the house today. Decided to just to the laundry. But still, even that has a peaceful feeling. I don't have anyone but my conscience asking me if I started it or not.

So the test results came out for the nursing school. I passed it, with a really high score in both subjects. This Thursday, I have an interview with the Director of Nursing. If truth be known, I doubt I can make a good impression on her. Yeah, I scored high, was in the military, and have really good references, but still. The numbers are stacked against me. I don't even know how many spots are open now.

I know I did this one time too. When I made E4. Only 54 people made it, and I was one of the ones that did. That was a shock, I got lucky. This time, I am not quiet so sure.

Lady is acting like a puppy. A puppy I would love to hang by her stub of a tail. Oh does she act like a puppy now. If she's not up to something, she's pooping something out on my carpets. She learned not to pee in the house, now to break her of the poop.

Poor Jenny is so jealous when Lady comes near me. It's weird. That dog has never cared who or what was around me, until I got my boxer. Now she curls up with me in bed, sits next to me, and follows me around. I suspect it's because she doesn't want Lady to get all the attention. It's kind of annoying. But cute too.

Donnie is sixteen months tomorrow. Wow, has time flew by. He's such a cute little boy. I can hardly call him a baby any more. In my heart though, he will always be my baby. When I look at him, I will always see that tiny, defenseless infant. I can't help it.

If I do get in the nursing school, and graduate, I am going to have another child. I was laying in bed this morning thinking that Donnie should have a playmate. Someone that he can interact with, have fun with, and get in trouble with. That way it should free up my time. I wouldn't have to come to his side quiet so fast. But really, because he deserves a sibling. No one should have an only child.

Anyways, I am going to make something to eat, and wait to go pick up my husband. One thing that I am glad about is that my baby didn't take a nap all day, so he's out for awhile! YAY!

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