Sunday, July 10, 2011

Social Networks

All I can say is wow. It seems like where one social network pops up, two more pops up in a short time too. I know I have made mention of the most popular social network that there is in  a couple of previous blog postings.

I remember I was wondering when Facebook will be outdone by someone else. I think it's happening. Google revealed their new social networking site, Google Plus. I dare say, it's actually a little bit better.

I am getting off topic. You heard me though, the monster site known as Google is dipping their hands into social networking now. What next? What are they going to think of next?

Anyways, I am giving Google Plus a chance. If it's not as good as Facebook, which it's looking like it will be, then I am going to delete my profile and keep with Facebook.

But is this the beginning of the end for Facebook? Unless Mark Zukerburg can keep up with Google Plus, my vote is that it is.

The site is under a trial version, so that they can gauge where they can make things better and what not. I wonder how it's going to be when it becomes fully operational. I hope that it doesn't have those games on it. They become annoying after awhile. Especially when you haven't gotten on Facebook for a couple of days, and all anyone sends you is invites to their game.

No, I do not care if you "found" a poor helpless animal on your farm/city/diner. If it was a real animal, yes I do. But you are cluttering my Facebook with useless crap. So please stop. And in this, I hope Google is wise about not doing it. That's how Facebook can stay operational. By having their shitty games that it seems like the whole world loves.

I admit, I have a Farmville. But that was when I was in Cali, with nothing to do. Now, I am busy. I have an entrance exam for the nursing school this week, and if I pass it, I will be going to school in the fall. My husband is getting a job with HP this week, and that will make him busy too. We have a child we take care of, plus one puppy and one dog. With that and family that I don't mind seeing living close by, see what I mean?

Anways, I will sit back and watch the fight between these two networks takes place. The winner takes the crown, the looser, well nothing.

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