Friday, July 29, 2011

It Was A Long Day

Man, have you ever took your toddler somewhere for a couple hours? I am sure you have. But have you ever took him somewhere where he doesn't really supposed to be? Yeah, been there today. My car needed to get some repairs, and seeing as how my husband was at work, it fell to me to take the car to the mechanics. That is, my child and I.

At first it wasn't too bad. My child sat there, and watched cartoons in the waiting area, eating some snacks that I brought with me. After about half an hour, he got curious. I was chasing him all over. I couldn't get him to sit still.

After awhile, I took him to the bathroom, locked the door, and put my head in my hands, cussing the fates for having a curious baby. Of course it was the bathroom, and other than it smelling not so lovely, someone eventually tried using the bathroom. So that ended that one. At least I had a time out so to speak.

The pencil pusher behind the desk got mad at me because I kept asking him when my car was going to be finished. Seriously, when he have kids, he will know why I was bugging him.

Oh, and I came to a conclusion today. Dealers at the car dealerships are creepy, and fake. Sitting at the car dealership today, letting their mechs work on my car, I got to people watch. I had to laugh when someone came through the door, and ten people surrounded he/she/them.

Really? Don't gag me with a bunch of people if I am looking for a new car. Let me pick the dealer when I walk through the doors. Good thing my husband went to pick out the car when we bought a car, and not me.

The last time I bought a car, there was only one guy who came up to me. The rest couldn't care less. That's how I like it. That shows more professionalism than not.

Anyways, at least my car is fixed now. I don't even want to think what else will go wrong in a couple of months. I might get a headache the size of Texas.

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