Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lost Count

I lost count on what week I am on now. I know it hasn't been three months so that makes it between ten and eleven weeks. Maybe even in my eleventh week right now.

It has been a hectic weekend. I had to leave Japan and leave Mike behind. Also leave all my friends. I am in a foreign town where I don't know anyone. I was here last year, but that was different because the boat was here. Now I have to face this alone.

At least my parents were there when I landed at the airport. That was a nice surprise. Today I have to go check into my barracks and my command. I wish I didn't have too. I wish I was still in Japan, curled up with Mike, sleeping right now.

So yesterday we went to the mall and was looking at baby clothes. I really am hoping for a girl now because there's a bigger selection of clothes for girls. And they are all cute. I will love my baby either way, but yesterday I was really excited when I saw the baby clothes.

It was weird because the baby clothes remind me of doll clothes. How can people start out so small? Anyways, I have to go check out of the hotel and go check into my command.

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