Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three month marker

Okay, so I know that I am a couple days off, but if Medical's right about me being fourteen weeks pregnant, I am actually 12 weeks pregnant. Still no sign of the baby bump, which is a good thing. I hate when people ask me if I am pregnant. And then the look they give me, come on, it happens.

My second day in my new command sucked. I had a second class jump me because I "cussed too much" for some of the airman. Really now, if you joined the military and can't handle foul language being tossed around, you should never have joined. Just grow up already. I cuss, it doesn't hurt anyone. It might make me look stupid, but still.

On the brighter side, this morning was foggy. It was the first sign of fall. I was happy when I saw it. It reminded me of back home when I was a kid in a way. Even though I am miles away from home still. Plus it was colder too. Which I am beggining to realize I love the cold. My feet burn all the time and it feels like someone lit them on fire sometimes.

Maybe I can see my sister this weekend. If not then I am going to go to my Aunt's house and see if I can't borrow her Mazda until I get my car back, if I can get my car back. It's so tied up in legal issues right now, I doubt it. The plus side is that eventually I have to be paid back the money I have been paying on the loan. So that's something.

Plus I have to move out of the barracks here pretty soon. They don't like pregnant women living in them, so it's out for me. I found a really nice apartment. The down payment is only 900 dollars and it's nine hundred a month for a two bedroom one bath. Which would be perfect for me and the baby. Plus when Mike comes early next year too.

Sometimes though I feel kind of pushed to grow up all of a sudden and so alone doing it too. I know that I got family to turn too if I really need help, but I am not ready to really be an adult and take on the responsibilities. I will because at one point in life you have too. You have to put away the silly childhood games and take on the boring world.

I have to give in here pretty soon and buy the maternity uniforms. They look really hidious and that will really make me stick out. The only thing I am looking forward too is being able to feel my baby kick! I can't wait. That's what makes my day better, knowing that I am not alone. Not really.

I have another appointment with a CIVILIAN midwife in early october. I can't wait. This one is a test for a quad screening. Meaning they will see if my little squirt has any mental deseases going on. At least that way I can put to rest the what if questions.

I know that I will love the little bugger even if it comes out looking like an alien. It's weird, I think I love it already.

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