Monday, September 7, 2009

The nineth week and counting

So I went to my medical appointment Thursday. The baby is doing fine. It was the first time that I got to hear the heart beat and actually see the thing that has been making me sick in the mornings.

I was so happy Thursday because that was when the ship pulled in and Mike was there. I rushed out of that hospital and got a ride to the train station just to meet him. As it was I was early and he wasn't there. But it was fine because he was back. All weekend we just hung out with eachother.

Friday my orders popped though. I found out that before my birthday in ten days, I am leaving Japan for good and going to San Diego, away from the one person that I love. It's pure BS. If the Navy was so family orientated, why do they like splitting couples up like that?

It's only natural for a woman to get pregnant, they don't need to act like it's a dirty thing. And they most certainly shouldn't split the couples up. I am hoping for another weekend with Mike before I leave though. It's a great self delision act. Act like everything is still normal.

I already miss him, and I wonder how I am going to survive without him. He's the only person that makes me happy, the only person that makes me laugh. He's such a dork that it's funny. And I know that when I feel down, he acts like a dork just to make me laugh.

Maybe he's right and this baby just brought us closer and made us realize how much we mean to each other. I certainly hope so. I know that he's worried that when he goes state side and we can finally be together, I won't be there, I would already give up on him. Which isn't true.

I am just worried that he will fall in love with someone else all over again while I am gone and forget about me. It's stupid worries that even he pointed out, but still. I've seen it happen over and over again with couples.

Well anyways, gotta iron the uniform and finish getting ready to go to work.

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