Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preditor vs. Prey

I am going to take a break with the whole it's my life theme for my blog for right now. The reason was earlier today I was day dreaming today. Which happens alot now that I am preggo.

Anyways, what I was daydreaming was how ironic everything in the world has something bigger than it that is it's natural preditor. Take for example a fish, it gets eaten by the bear. Or even better, the cat that eats the mouse that gets eaten by the dog who gets killed by the bear. Okay, I doubt a bear will pop up somewhere and kill that dog. Point being, everything gets eaten by something else. It's nature's way of controlling the population.

Except for man. We have nothing that is our natural preditor. So are we a plague on the world? Like a cancer slowing eating the body up until the host dies? Some comedian, I forgot who, stated that we are a cancer.

If you take a look, we act like cancer. We use the natural resources in one place then we move on to another better place until we can't go anywhere else. That's how cancer works in the body's blood and cells and so forth.

Or what if we had a preditor back in the day and we killed them all off. Now nature can't control our population? It's something to think about.

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  1. that's probably very much the case, another possibility that we're the ultimate predator, and long ago our population was simply controlled by scarcity (still very much the case in many parts of the world, unfortunately) and now we have very few places left on earth which scarcity is still sufficient to curb the population growth.