Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where a door closes, a window opens

Have you ever heard that saying before? Where the door closes, a window opens. It means when you think that you are out of hope or options or whatever, there's always one that jumps up and surprises you. And mostly it's going to be at a time you least expect it.

So what's ironic is that my own blood family told me that I was SOL with helping get a car. What's sad my adopted father, not even my real father, said he would help out with getting me a car if he saw one up where he lives that's for sale. How's that one? How can you sit there and tell your PREGNANT niece that your shit out of luck? Or you PREGNANT granddaughter? That's so messed up. They are treating me like I'm shit on their shoe. I think I should have listened to my sister and stopped talking to them a long time ago.

Earlier today I felt so alone. I woke up crying from my nap because I dreamed that I went through the pregnancy and the birth all by my self. But then I remembered that Farva, one of my friends gave me his phone number before I left Japan. So I called him. He said that he would help out as much as he can, what with helping me move and moving furniture. He even said that if I needed a car, he would loan one of his to me. I would have to pay for the insurance every month to him, but if that way is faster for getting a car, then I will take it.

Plus it's a 1973 something or other, so it's not made from beer cans. I mean if he can't come through, at least it's the offer that matters. That means that he really is a friend. Because I would never even consider offering my help to someone who wasn't my friend. Sorry, it sounds like a bitch move, but it's true.

So I won't be entirely alone here. At least there's someone tho hang out with that I have known more than a few days. Hell I've known him for almost a year. And if he really does help me, then I would owe him so much, I wouldn't know how to repay him.

I still miss Mike. He made me laugh today with the whole broom thing, it's an inside joke. But I love him for making me laugh. He's so goofy. I wish I could fall asleep with him, that was a nice feeling. But that's okay, got another two and a half months or three until I see him again. I can't wait.

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