Friday, January 14, 2011

How Time Flies!

I am surprised how fast this week went by. It was a trying, but fun time. Like I said in my previous blog, I agreed to watch my friend's two year old for a week. Don't worry, she paid me. Which was good, got some new books to read and what not.

It was fun because I got out of the house more, which made my husband happy. He worries that I will get burned out with being a stay at home mom. Monday night Stehpanie and I went to the mall and did the whole mall crawling, which I haven't done since San Diego.

It was fun because we tried on a bunch of clothes that we would never buy, too expensive, and they were too formal. Target and Wally World for my clothes! But it made me miss my pre mommy days because those were the clothes that I would buy and wear. Now, I just throw on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and go. Never in a million years would I have done that. I was the type of person that I had to have my hair done nice, my makeup done, my nails done. You know, the girlie girl without admitting it to anyone.

I agreed with the woman who worked in the particular store. Sometimes, you have to do stuff like that. Just have fun, even if you don't buy anything because sometimes you just need it.

I also came to a conclusion. Several actually. The first being, I will NOT have another kid for awhile. Dealing with a two year old and an almost ten month old is very stressing. You're right Mrs. Hyde (if you're reading this) the fact that I love being a mom is because I only have one kid right now.

In toddler's defense though, he wasn't all that bad. Just kept me on my toes more than usual. I started to increasingly looking forward to when his mom got off work. That kid wasn't into everything, but still into stuff. And the Toy Wars. Yes, I capalized those words. If my son was playing with a toy, the toddler had to have that toy and visa versa which in the end would amount up to either one or the other crying because the toy was taken away. At the end I got smart, whatever toy they were fighting over, I hid for awhile.

The second conclusion is that my son, when he's that age, will be potty trained. That child's excrements smelled like a gas bomb that just went off. My own son crawled away after smelling it crying. I wanted to cry too.

But, the toddler was well behaved. When he wasn't demanding, he would say please and thank you. I know I was staring at my future, but I was relieved to know he wasn't the devil incarnate.

It was weird because not too long ago he left. I am done watching him, and yet, I began to miss him as soon as his mom got here. My son will no longer have a play mate to play with. And I won't have my friend here to go do things with. I rather enjoyed them being here. I think my husband did too.

Hopefully they move to Oklahoma. I wouldn't mind having them be my neighbors. One thing I am glad about, I can have my house organized like it was. That and my dining room wouldn't have a play pen in it. That's where her son slept. And no more Toy Wars. Well anyways, peace people, my son has surprise for me in his diaper and it's not a toaster!

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  1. LMAO at wanting to cry due to the smelly diaper. I've been there more times than I care to admit.

    a bitch called mom
    the well fed spirit