Friday, January 21, 2011

It Looks Like It Comes Straight Out of A Stephen King Novel!

Have you ever watched Stephen King's The Mist? If not, go rent it, download it, buy it, or whatever. I'll sit here and wait until you get down with watching it before I go on. It's imperative for this blog that you know what I'm going to talk about.

Okay, for those that didn't take my advice and called my bluff, I'll elaborate. In the movie, the fog got so bad that you couldn't see one foot in front of you. And there were things in the mist.

Now picture California. Do you got it, that picture? Let me guess, it's all sunshine and beaches right?

BTW I took this picture about four years ago at Pismo Beach, California.

WRONG! California is not all sun shine and beaches! We have what's called the Valley, and NorCal. Well right now, I live in BFE in the Valley. And in the summer time's it's excruciatingly hot, and in the winter time? Oh we have fog that can rival Mr. King's fog in the Mist.
Oh but Mr. King has monsters in his fog, devouring and killing people. I hear you thinking that. Come on be honest. At least the ones who watched the movie. Guess what? So does California!

They may not be monsters as what you might think of them. You might think of them with big teeth, and big claws, and big eyes... Well, California might not have those particular monsters. 

But what we do have is stupid people in their cars, not paying attention to the fact that you CAN'T see, driving dangerously. So yes, I consider them monsters.

I just have a question for you drivers who do that in the fog. When you are driving in the fog, why do you throw caution to the wind? You aren't supposed to ride up on people's bumper, just in case they have to suddenly stop. You aren't supposed to go speeding through the fog, just in case there's something up ahead that you can't see, oh like a stop sign? Or a stalled car? Or, God forbid, an accident? No, it's like you're tempting fate or some shit.

Anyways I will explain why I am on this particular roll in this particular blog. It isn't something that I am just blogging about, if that were the case, then it would be posted in my other blog. No, this does pertain to me.

Every morning I take my husband to work at butt crack of dawn. In the winter time, there is usually fog around. Today it was bad. Like I said, straight out of a Stephen King novel.

Well, on the ride there, I had a driver ride my ass like Armageddon was following after him, and he wanted to make sure to miss it. I am used to people like that in the fog. I usually just roll my eyes, and slow down a little bit more, to get my message through. It usually doesn't work. Sometimes they like to pass me, which in case I just shake my head. If you can't see in front of you, why would you pass someone?

Anyways, as I passed the old gate leading onto the base, I noticed ANOTHER car doing the same thing as the one behind me was doing up in front. I mean, if the car in front of him touched his brakes, the car behind him would go careening into him, not being able to slow down a fraction, that's how close he was.

I thought I saw it all. I dropped my husband off at work and headed back home. Most of the time, the fog gets worse my leg home. I decided, upon coming up to the old gate entrance to slow down to about 15 mph because oncoming traffic usually blinds me for a second anyways, and in the fog that is very dangerous. Idiots think that they can keep their brights on in the fog, not realizing that all they accomplishing is blinding them and the on coming driver.

Even right now I am thankful that I was driving slow. You see, at the old entrance, there is two stop signs. One for the people coming onto base, and the one wanting to turn left. Yes, it's a T-intersection. The people getting off base has no stop sign.

The guy turning left didn't even slow down a fraction as he pulled out into the intersection. I had a split second to think, wow he's like a foot from hitting me, before reality kicked in and I slammed on the brakes. I swerved to the right, barely avoiding this jackass. You would think that he would at least have hit his brakes a tiny bit. But no, he just kept going like every thing was peachy. And you know what? The guy behind him was turning left also without stopping. I couldn't just back my car up in a second and thank my lucky stars that I missed him too. So I braced for an impact, which luckly, never came. The second driver realized why he heard tires squealing and decided it wasn't safe to continue. 

I'll attribute to the fact that it was very foggy outside, and maybe both the drivers DIDN'T see the stop sign. Okay, I can deal with that. But, the first driver couldn't act like he didn't see me, and just keep going. That's insane. At least the second driver realized that something is wrong when he sees a car in the intersection and slows down.

I drove home shaking all the way back, with tears in my eyes. Yes, I'll admit it. I had tears in my eyes. Why? Because I was very aware of my almost ten month old baby, who was making his I want my bottle cries. That's why. 

I wonder what the first guy would say and feel if he did side swipe me. Say, I was going to fast to slow down enough to avoid him, and he hit me. I wonder how he would feel if he hurt my baby, once he found out that I have a baby in the back seat. I know if that EVER happened, I don't care how hurt I am, I'm going to make the person who hit my hurt so much worse.

Anyways, I just want all of you guys who live somewhere where it gets foggy, to slow down in the fog, and pay attention. Who knows? That person you're riding their ass, might have their family in the car. Or the person that is going slower than you when you drive at break neck speed, again same thing. How would you feel if you were the jackass that hurt or killed some little kid one morning because you were too impatient to drive safely? It's not like you can just blame it on being drunk. I mean yeah you could be, but really. Nothing is too important than being careful when you can't see. 

Thank you if you came to the end with me in this blog. I know it was a little long for me, but I wanted to drive my point across. I hope all of you better days!

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  1. Ah, how scary!

    I hate drivers sometimes, no one ever thinks of others, only themselves.

    I'm so glad you guys didn't get hit!