Monday, January 17, 2011

Karma's a Bitch!

You ever heard of Karma? How if you do something good, something good will come your way? Yeah, that's BS. My friend's child whom I watched for a week got me sick. With what you ask? With bronchitis. Yup. I drug my happy ass this morning to the doctor's because I couldn't breathe without coughing. He ordered an xray, and put me on nebulizer until the XRAY was done. Well, turns out it wasn't a big waste of our time. Now that I know what I have though, I can finally get better.

I knew something was up when every medicine that I got didn't work. Oh, it made me feel better once I was taking it, but that was it. After it wore off, so did my feeling of being better. That's it. If another person asks me to watch their sick child, then I'm going to tell them no. Not doing this again.

Anyways, I'm off of here. Just wanted to say Karma's a bitch. Not going to do anything nice for anyone for awhile. At least until I get better. Well see you when I do get better. Peace out!

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