Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I was going through the blogs of note, and I realized one thing. As I flipped through people's hobbies, like drawing or photography or what not. And I realized, I have no talent. Sure I might pick up stuff like crocheting, but nothing compared to what I see in pictures. It gets me a little sad, because what do I do that makes me stand out from other people? And so help if one of you tells me I'm a good mom...

I could take up a hobby, but it won't feel natural. Maybe cooking? I know I can bake some mean fried chicken. That doesn't feel like a hobby though. If you think about it, it's something you have to do to survive. If you make a shitty meal, no one's going to eat it and there for people are going to opt to starve.

Maybe I'll stop whining about how people are good at things and try my hand at something. Like actually finish on Lil Man's blanket. Or maybe do quilting. That doesn't seem hard at all.

I don't know, so I propose that I do it all to give it a try. Not drawing though. I suck at that. But maybe other things. So as I try something new and actually finish it, I'll post it on here for you guys to criticize it. No, I'm not starting a new blog. I'll just post it on here for everyone else to see and what not.

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